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Mobile payment

Apple Pay

Pay for your daily purchases and online shop orders simply, quickly and securely using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Activate your credit card for Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch and make simple and secure mobile payments in future.

Samsung Pay

Pay simply, securely and anywhere with your Samsung smartphone or smartwatch. Link your credit card or prepaid card to Samsung Pay and make mobile payments in the local shop, restaurant or online.


With SwatchPAY!, you can make cashless payments with just a flick of the wrist. Just as quick, simple, and secure as paying with your credit card – only much cooler. All you need is a SwatchPAY! watch, the free SwatchPAY! app, and a compatible credit card from Swisscard.

Online Services

Swisscard app

Thanks to the free Swisscard app, you have all the information about your credit card and card payments to hand everywhere and at any time. You can check your transactions, for example, or find out what your current balance is. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.


cardservice offers you even more convenience and greater transparency with online access to your card account. You can view your statements, transactions and available balance at all times. You can now also update your customer data easily. And all of this around the clock and anywhere in the world.


You can confirm payments in online shops that offer 3-D Secure with one click using the free Transakt app. Or you can quickly and simply identify yourself when you call our customer service.