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Cards and services for private customers

You can make cashless payments simply, securely and quickly with a Swisscard credit card or prepaid card. We offer you card solutions and card services for your coffee on the way to work, to dinner with friends and to world tours booked online.


Card products for private customers

Pay simply and conveniently with your credit card: for your croissant at the baker’s, food at the supermarket, your drink in the café and online shopping. Find the card to suit your lifestyle. 

Card services

Cardholders benefit from many additional services. For example, you can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or SwatchPAY! and get comprehensive travel or shopping protection with credit card or additional insurance. You have online access to your card accounts with the Swisscard online services.


Your card has many advantages. Make use of them. Answers to your questions about card services or other concerns can be found in our Help Center.