The Swisscard values & culture

The outstanding products and services from Swisscard are only possible thanks to the professional and customer-focused staff. These people give the company its unique profile. The staff have a variety of career backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.


What unites Swisscard

The shared expectations in terms of service, quality and respect on which everything we think and do every day is based. This common ground is the basis for satisfied customers, innovative products, excellent services and motivated staff.

Quality and first-class service

Customers are the focus at Swisscard. As an employer, Swisscard supports and promotes quality-focused thinking and innovation. Customers expect top quality from us. The Swisscard staff are well aware of this claim: They want to meet it and continuously improve the products and processes.

Teamwork and mutual respect

Teamwork is a top priority at Swisscard, Projects and tasks are tackled and solved in interdisciplinary teams in order to use the expertise in the best possible way. This promotes motivation and cohesion at the same time.

Respect is one of the cornerstones of our daily working lives. Achievements are mutually recognized and others’ opinions are respected.

Integrity and responsibility

Honesty and openness is required from all staff. Swisscard’s credibility as a leading financial services provider depends, among other things, on the attitude and integrity of every single member of staff. The focus is on the interests of the company as a whole and resources are used responsibly.

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