Payment experience

Cashless payment redefined.

What really counts in life are real experiences. From shopping with friends to a trip around the world booked online: We offer our customers the best possible payment experience in every situation – for the highest degree of freedom and flexibility.


Value proposition – redefined

We pay close attention to our customers’ needs and develop our products and services based on this knowledge. As a result, we offer more than just payment solutions: convenience, security, unique experiences and attractive loyalty programs.

We deliver added value


Payment solutions for individuals, companies and merchants, tailored to specific needs.

Bonus & loyalty programs

We reward every card use, whether personal or business, with rewards, miles or points.

Lifestyle and services

We offer numerous preferential offers and additional services such as travel tips or hotel booking solutions.


Our credit cards offer variable and extensive insurance coverage and attractive additional insurance.

Innovation – redefined

We believe that innovation can come from any employee. Together, we anticipate technological trends and develop innovative applications accordingly.

Service – redefined

Our employees are the key factor for our award-winning service. That’s why we constantly invest in talent and technologies to be even better.

Teamwork – redefined

We focus on the big picture, we are bold, we are not afraid of decisions, we believe in each other and we are open to constructive discussions.