Web Services

With Swisscard’s Web Services, you can access various services directly through a web browser, anytime and anywhere in the world. All you need to use this service is your smartphone with the Swisscard app and a Swisscard Login.


Supported Functions

The Swisscard app supports various Web Services that allow access to these services through a web browser.

  • Downloading transactions as CSV file
  • Downloading credit card statements as PDF
Swisscard App

How can I use the Web Services?

Install the Swisscard app on your smartphone. Start the Swisscard app on your smartphone and register for a Swisscard Login the first time you use it.

Store your credit card in the Swisscard app. After that, all the features are available to you in the Swisscard app.

Log in to the Web Services. Using your smartphone and the Swisscard app, you can identify yourself and gain access to the various services. 


Web Services login

Log in for the Web Services here and use them with your Swisscard Login and your Swisscard app.