Code of Conduct

Our claim and culture

We take responsibility for our actions and fulfill our duties to the various stakeholders, such as our customers, employees, owners (American Express / Credit Suisse), business partners, the authorities and the society.

We work together to achieve the Company’s goals and place the interests of Swisscard above those of individual divisions. We deal with stakeholders through constructive, transparent and open dialog based on fairness, respect and professionalism. We promote equal opportunities and a level playing field, without any form of discrimination. 


The following professional standards form the pillars of our activities:

Quality consciousness

We offer our customers first-class services and strive for top quality in every area of our work.


We use our Company’s resources sparingly and responsibly.


We always conduct ourselves with integrity and are guided by our shared values and standards. We are vigilant and open to constructive discussions.

Respect and esteem

We work as a team on all levels of the Company and show one another mutual respect and esteem.


Confidential information is always treated as such. Non-public information about Swisscard, its customers or employees is carefully protected and treated confidentially.

Towards our customers

We lay the foundations for satisfied customers through honesty, transparency and the application of professional standards on a daily basis.

Towards employees

We ensure equal opportunities regardless of ethnic background, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, marital status, pregnancy or disabilities.
We provide a safe and healthy working environment that does not allow any discrimination or harassment. We treat each other with respect and fairness.

Towards our business partners

We work on a basis of trust with all our partners who share our values.

Towards the authorities

We endeavor to maintain a cooperative and open relationship with the authorities and always behave properly.


Towards the environment

We use natural resources conscientiously and responsibly.

Sustainable business practices are key to Swisscard’s long-term success. That is why we are forward-looking in our actions and committed to environmental and social sustainability.

Ecological and social aspects are systematically taken into account in our business decisions and in our resource management and infrastructure.

Whether it’s with customers, business partners or the public – we communicate openly, clearly and truthfully.

We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules, standards and instructions and with the present Code of Conduct and apply them conscientiously and with due care.

  • We protect confidential data and use non-public information exclusively for the business purposes for which we received such information. In particular, we strictly comply with data protection legislation and information security guidelines.
  • We disclose real or potential conflicts of interest early and proactively.
  • We do not accept any inappropriate gifts and invitations or other benefits and therefore consult the Company rules before accepting any gift or invitation.
  • We comply with financial reporting and accounting standards.
  • We compete fairly and reject any unlawful anti-competitive agreements with competitors.