Credit Card Insurance

Insurance coverage and additional insurance are attractive complementary benefits offered by the practical Swisscard credit cards. You receive an overview of the insurance that are automatically part of the service and packages for additional coverage that you can take out for a monthly fee.


Inclusive insurance coverage

Swisscard credit cards include various valuable insurance benefits. They offer you protection and security in many situations and phases of life. The insurance benefits vary depending on the card type. Select your card and find out how you will benefit in case of need.

Additional insurance and services

Swisscard has compiled valuable coverage and convenient services together with its partners. They offer you and your loved ones great value added, whether it’s for everyday life or when traveling. As a Swisscard customer you have exclusive access to these offers. We have put together the following tailored solutions for you:

Balance Protection Insurance

Balance Protection Insurance helps you meet your monthly payment obligations during difficulties.

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance package insures you and your family in the event of unforeseeable incidents when traveling.

Cyber Security Insurance

Whether it’s data fraud, a computer virus, data loss or cyberbullying – the Cyber Security Insurance offers you comprehensive protection.

All mobile insurance

Cover all mobile devices in the same household (cell phones, notebooks, etc.) against damage, theft or misuse with the All Mobile Insurance.

Purchase protection insurance

Enjoy your purchases for longer: Purchase Protection Insurance covers purchases made in shops or online, offers a best price guarantee and extends the warranty.