Credit card services

You can do much more than make cashless payments with a Swisscard credit card . As a cardholder you benefit from various card services such as digital services, insurance, mobile payment solutions and bonus programs.


Bonus programs

Make your dreams come true. You are rewarded every time you use your card, gradually getting closer to your reward.

Credit Card Insurance

Insurance coverage and additional insurance are attractive complementary benefits offered by the practical Swisscard credit cards. You receive an overview of the insurance that are automatically part of the service and packages for additional coverage that you can take out for a monthly fee.

Digital Services

With Swisscard’s Digital Services, you have your credit card under control. Receive your card statements digitally and manage your card settings by smartphone or computer – thanks to the comprehensive Digital Services.

Mobile payment

With mobile payment, you can use a smartphone or smartwatch to make cashless payments or transfer money. Discover the mobile payment solutions for your Swisscard credit card or prepaid card.