Spending limit

Your spending limit is the amount on your credit card which you are able to access every month. This limit is specified by us after the credit assessment. If the installment facility is activated, the spending limit equals the credit limit.

How high is my current spending limit?

In order to determine your current spending limit, simply look at your current monthly statement. In the upper left hand corner you can find the spending limit which is specified for your product.

To which cards does my limit apply?

A shared spending limit applies to all principal and additional cards.

How is the level of my limit specified?

The spending limit for your credit cards is set for you individually on the basis of the credit assessment and states the financial framework in which you are able to use your credit cards.

Am I able to increase my limit?

Your credit limit can be increased in the event of an improvement to your financial situation.

  • If you have activated the «installment facility» card function or you would like to activate it, you are able to request an increase to your limit quickly and easily using the increase limit application form. We will pay the postage for you. Please use the franked template for this. We will process your application as quickly as possible and inform you of our decision in writing.
  • If you have not activated the «installment facility» card function and do not want to do it, please call our customer service.

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