Our Values

Values that shape the way we think and act.

Everything we think and do is influenced by our aim for top quality, respectful interaction with each other and a sense of responsibility. This basic attitude is the foundation for satisfied customers, innovative products and successful teamwork.


  • Employees actively build and maintain relationships within the team and the organization.
  • We solve conflicts and problems independently and constructively.
  • Together, we foster a collaborative as well as inclusive environment and consider diverse opinions.
  • Employees obtain feedback independently and are actively encouraged by their line managers.
  • We put the good of the team above our own goals and support others with our knowledge.
  • Leaders enable all employees to develop and grow personally.
  • Together we look for the best solutions – in the interest of the company.
  • Our positive attitude to work and the will to actively shape change help us achieve this.
  • Leaders act with commitment and create a positive working environment.

Exemplary behavior

  • Employees take responsibility for their own actions.
  • We courageously express our own opinions and address problems openly and honestly.
  • Leaders encourage open dialog and reward independent action.
  • Employees actively build trust and act reliably and consistently.
  • We address unacceptable behavior openly.
  • Leaders create an environment of mutual respect and always act with commitment.
  • Employees are fully aware of the applicable guidelines and directives.
  • We treat sensitive information as confidential.
  • Leaders promote a strong compliance culture through their own conduct, which is always correct.


  • Employees actively inform themselves about and understand the interrelationships within the company.
  • We support others in linking their own tasks to the overall company objectives.
  • Leaders empower and inspire employees to achieve common goals.
  • Employees always make decisions on the basis of well-founded assumptions.
  • We respect and support decisions made together.
  • Leaders set the direction and guide employees purposefully.
  • Employees question the status quo and contribute their own ideas.
  • We take responsibility, even beyond our own area.
  • Leaders set ambitious targets to achieve exceptional results.