Swisscard Login

With Swisscard Login you can register your credit cards or prepaid cards for various online services. We explain the simple but safe registration process step by step.

What is Swisscard Login?

You can log in directly for various Swisscard card product (e.g. American Express® Credit Card Gold) online services using your email address and just one single password. All you have to do is register once to use this service in future.

Register for Swisscard Login

  1. Have your credit card or prepaid card (and your last card statement) ready.
  2. Complete the form. The account number can be found in cardservice or on the card statement.
  3. Please accept the Terms of Use and click "Next".
  4. Enter a secure password and log in.
  5. You will receive a code by post with which you can complete the registration.

These online services use Swisscard Login

Currently, you have access to the following services with Swisscard Login:

Swisscard app

The Swisscard app offers you a convenient overview of your credit card spending, current balance and details about your credit cards. And all of this directly from home or when out and about on your smartphone.

Membership Rewards shop

Collect points and enjoy the reward you want. You can find numerous offers that you can redeem your collected points for in the Membership Rewards bonus program rewards shop.


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