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The new Swisscard Help-Center. Everything for all your concerns and our card services.

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Cashback Cards

Free credit cards with Cashback for card transactions and mobile payment. I get paid for my payments. Do you?


Mobile Payment

Pay by smartphone or smartwatch: From now on, you can make mobile payments with all credit cards for private customers.

Swisscard – the right products and services for everyone

Private customers

Pay conveniently for daily shopping, while traveling and online using the Swisscard credit cards for private customers.

Business clients

Keep an eye on your company’s spending with our tailored business solutions.


Offer your customers innovative payment options for every occasion.

All about your card

Swisscard app

Thanks to the free Swisscard app, you have all the information about your credit card and card payments to hand everywhere and at any time. You can check your transactions, for example, or find out what your current balance is. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Contactless payment

Contactless payment by credit card is more convenient than cash payments. All you need to do is place your contactless card on the terminal. For payments up to CHF 40, you don’t even have to enter a PIN code or sign a receipt. This is what makes contactless payment easy, convenient and secure.

Mobile payment

With mobile payment, you can use a smartphone or smartwatch to make cashless payments or transfer money. Discover the mobile payment solutions for your Swisscard credit card or prepaid card.