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All Mobile Insurance

The All Mobile Insurance automatically covers all your mobile devices. In addition, the insurance cover also applies to the mobile devices of everyone else in your household. Relax in the knowledge that your devices are covered not just at home but also when you travel in Switzerland and abroad. It doesn’t matter whether you paid for the devices with your credit card.


The advantages of the All Mobile Insurance

  • Cover for all mobile devices in the same household: notebooks, cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • Insurance cover is provided automatically, without registration.
  • Protected against theft, misuse and damage – even broken cell phone display!
  • Each device automatically receives a one-year extended guarantee.
  • The first three months are free! Then conveniently debited by credit card.
  • Various sums insured for every budget and every need.

Choose your insurance

from CHF 19.90 / month

Insurance benefits* per event and benefit:Damage/destruction    CHF 1,000
Theft    CHF 1,000
Unauthorized call cover in the event of theft    CHF 1,000
Extended guarantee    CHF 1,000

from CHF 24.90 / month

Insurance benefits* per event and benefit:

Damage/destruction    CHF 2,000
Theft    CHF 2,000
Unauthorized call cover in the event of theft    CHF 2,000
Extended guarantee    CHF 2,000

from CHF 29.90 / month

Insurance benefits* per event and benefit:

Damage/destruction    CHF 3,000
Theft    CHF 3,000
Unauthorized call cover in the event of theft    CHF 3,000
Extended guarantee    CHF 3,000

Insurance benefits*

All mobile devices of everyone in the same household are covered: cell phones, tablets, notebooks or portable media players.

The devices are automatically covered without registration. Please note the restrictions regarding the device’s age for the respective benefits.

You drop your new cell phone and the screen shatters. Your notebook is damaged or a tablet becomes unusable due to water damage. No need to despair! We will refund the repair costs or pay for a new device.

Cover is valid for two years from the date of purchase.

Took your eyes off your cell phone or notebook for a moment, and it’s gone. A situation that is even worse when you’re traveling! We make sure that you soon have a new device and are connected again.

This cover is valid for five years from the date of purchase.

It’s bad enough to have your mobile device stolen. If the thief then puts it to industrious use, the costs can rapidly snowball. But don’t worry: If your mobile device is used for unauthorized calls, SMS or MMS, data transfer or data upload or download, we will pay the charges incurred.

Additional benefit: You automatically receive a one-year guarantee extension upon expiry of the manufacturer guarantee for all your mobile devices. This means we cover the costs of repair or of a new device in the event of damages caused by material flaws or production faults.

* Please refer to the registration form and the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance for the full details regarding the individual insured risks and benefits.