Balance Protection Insurance for credit cards

Unexpected risks such as unemployment, disability and invalidity as well as accidental death can plunge you into financial difficulties at any time through no fault of your own. Balance Protection Insurance helps you meet the monthly credit card payment obligations during financial difficulties.


Advantages of Balance Protection Insurance for your credit card

  • Protection in the event of financial difficulties
  • Monthly premium adjusts dynamically
  • Can be canceled at any time
  • Additional protection in the event of invalidity, unemployment or accidental death

Balance Protection Insurance benefits

The outstanding balance on the credit card statement (insured balance) for your principal and additional cards is insured.1 The monthly premium is 0.5% of the outstanding balance on the monthly credit card statement. The premium is debited directly from the credit card account.

Saldo Versicherung

0.5% of the credit card balance/ Month
  • Death as a consequence of accident or in the event an officially confirmed disappearance 100% of the insured balance, maximum CHF 200,000
  • Permanent total disability (invalidity) 100% of the insured balance, maximum CHF 100,000
  • Temporary total disability 10% of the insured balance every month, maximum CHF 10,000
  • Involuntary unemployment 10% of the insured balance every month, maximum CHF 10,000

Please obtain the details from the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GCI), which can be found on the back of the Balance Protection Insurance registration form.

The Balance Protection Insurance can only be used with cards issued in CHF. The offer with optional Balance Protection Insurance is not available for cards in foreign currencies such as USD/EUR.