Swisscard App

The free Swisscard app is a useful addition to your credit cards. For example, you can check purchases in real time, pay securely online, check and pay card statements on the go, or block a card and order a replacement card. Thanks to notifications you can set up and customize, you can always keep an eye on all your spending and cards.

Swisscard App

Security thanks to the Swisscard app

With the Swisscard app, you can check all transactions in real time, confirm online payments with one click and check your monthly statements online. You receive a push notification for every transaction, so you always have full control of your cards and spending – and you can block the card and order a replacement card in the app.


Spending under control

With the Swisscard app, you can filter all payments and sort them by amount, date or card, as well as check the monthly statement. Plus, you’ll always know how much money you have left to spend: The balance, available amount and approved but not yet posted transactions are continuously updated and displayed in real time.


Card settings under control at all times

With the Swisscard app, you can manage your cards and your card account easily and conveniently on your smartphone. Among other things, you can change your address and contact information, manage and pay card statements, customize notifications, block or unblock a card, and order a new PIN code or replacement card.

Functions of the Swisscard app

  • Transactions in real time
  • Secure online payment thanks to 3-D Secure
  • Manage notifications
  • Current and available balance
  • Access statements electronically
  • Show & order PIN code
  • Change address
  • Block/unblock card

Registering for the Swisscard app

If you are installing the Swisscard app, you will need a Swisscard Login to access your card information. To create a Swisscard Login, select "Register" in the app. If you already have a Swisscard Login, you can log in using your Swisscard Login (email and password) as soon as you’ve installed the app.