Swisscard is much more than just facts and figures. We have nevertheless compiled the most impressive facts for you.


Number of employees

Ca. 1'500'000

Number of Swisscard cards on the market


Number of card products


Market share of card turnover


Number of American Express acceptance points in Switzerland

CHF 2'732'400

Highest card transaction made

Milestones at Swisscard

Thanks to products in line with market requirements, strong partners and our customers’ trust, Swisscard has developed into a leading credit card company in Switzerland since it was founded in 1998.



Launch of the first Swisscard prepaid card, the wow Visa Prepaid Card

2016 und 2017

Swisscard is the first major card provider in Switzerland to introduce Apple Pay and Samsung Pay mobile payment solutions.


Transfer of card issuing from Credit Suisse to Swisscard (Credit Suisse and American Express remain joint owners of Swisscard). Swisscard takes over roughly 1.5 million card agreements from Credit Suisse.

Introduction of the digital Swiss Wallet (in cooperation with Aduno and Netcetera), where consumers can centrally save and manage credit cards.


Innovative in terms of security: Swisscard is the first European issuer to introduce the Transakt app for simple, secure online payments based on the 3-D Secure process.


Banking goes mobile: launch of cardservice, the online credit card account access for Swisscard customers with accompanying app for iOS and Android.


More convenience and fast payments: The contactless function is introduced with SWISS Miles & More.


Swisscard is a pioneer in terms of security: 3-D Secure is tested as a pilot for Mastercard and Visa online transactions.


Launch of Credit Suisse AG’s Bonviva banking packages with the Bonviva credit cards (American Express, Mastercard and Visa)


Swisscard issues its one millionth credit card.


Launch of the first credit card in Switzerland with no annual fee, the Coop SUPERCARDplus.


Swisscard moves within Horgen to today’s company offices in Horgen-Oberdorf.


Launch of BLUE from American Express with interactive chip technology and offering lifestyle programs.


Launch in Switzerland of the most exclusive credit card worldwide, the Centurion Card from American Express.


Swisscard AECS moves from Zurich to new company offices in Horgen.


Foundation of Swisscard AECS as a joint venture between American Express and Credit Suisse; development of a new IT platform at the same time for the integrated processing and support of American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit cards.