Setting up Google Pay

Setting up Google Pay is easier than counting to three and takes just two minutes. All you need is an Android smartphone and the Google Pay app. Using this step-by-step guide, you can set up Google Pay securely and make instant cashless and contactless payments.

What you need for Google Pay:

Setting up Google Pay on your smartphone

Follow the instructions in the Google Pay tutorial video and see how quick and easy it is to set up on your smartphone.

Setting up Google Pay on your smartwatch

If you want to pay with your smartwatch, you have to install the Google Pay app and the Wear OS app on your smartphone first. Both apps are free. Then you can link your smartwatch to Google Pay.

* The credit card is only added in the Google Pay app on your smartwatch, not on your smartphone.

Google encrypts and protects your data

Google Pay protects your payment information at several levels of security. Firstly, Google Pay does not share your card number with the merchant, who only receives a virtual account number. Secondly, the app exchanges all information with the payment terminal encrypted using NFC. You will also need to unlock your smartphone for most payments. As a result, only you can pay using Google Pay.

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