Installment facility

The installment facilities provides you with more financial freedom within your credit limit. You decide how much you pay and when. The use of the installment facility is subject to interest charges and a credit check. Credit may be refused if it may lead to overindebtedness.

How the installment facility works

Following the successful completion of a credit check and activation of the installment facility, you can choose how much you pay each month based on your credit limit: You can choose to pay the minimum amount, the full balance, or an amount between the two. The minimum amount is 2.5 percent of the balance, but must be at least CHF 50. For the use of the installment facility, we apply an annual percentage rate (e.g., 14%) to the outstanding balance based on the conditions of your card product. If you do not use the installment facility and pay the full balance on time, no interest will be applied.

Apply for the credit card installment facility

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