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Swisscard is expanding its mobile payment services with Google Pay

With the current situation of the COVID-19 crisis, mobile payment is becoming even more important. From mid-August 2020, Swisscard customers with Mastercard and Visa cards will now also be able to pay with Google Pay – simply, quickly and securely. As a result, Swisscard is expanding its range of internationally usable and important mobile payment solutions.

Written by Medienstelle Swisscard 02.07.2020

Mobile payment is becoming increasingly attractive: The proportion of card payments made using mobile devices has almost tripled in Switzerland in the last twelve months. Mobile payment users appreciate the simplicity, speed and security of paying with a smartphone or smartwatch in shops, on websites or in apps.

As a leading credit card company, Swisscard offers innovative solutions for its cardholders: "With Google Pay, we can expand our mobile payment services," emphasizes Enrico Salvadori, Head of Consumer Business at Swisscard: "For our card products, we offer internationally usable mobile payment solutions that are secure, convenient and simplify payment." To be able to pay with Google Pay, cardholders need a smart device with the Android operating system (version 5.0 or higher) that supports Near Field Communication (NFC).

Paying without entering a PIN at the terminal

Digital payment has become even more relevant during the coronavirus crisis: Anyone using their credit cards in combination with a smartphone or smartwatch can completely avoid any physical contact with the payment terminal. This is because mobile payment solutions such as Google Pay allow card transactions to be approved on the user’s own device. It is no longer necessary to enter the PIN at the terminal.