Swisscard credit cards now with Google Pay.

As one of the leading card companies in Switzerland, Swisscard focuses on payment solutions that can be used worldwide. As of today, Google Pay offers an additional option for mobile payment by smartphone or smartwatch. Swisscard customers can now pay with their Mastercard and Visa cards using Google Pay.

Written by Medienstelle Swisscard 18.08.2020

Google Pay can be used quickly and easily at the checkout as well as for payment in apps or in online shops. Just like a credit card with contactless payment function, the application uses the NFC interface for this purpose.

"The proportion of card payments made using mobile devices has tripled in Switzerland in the last twelve months. Mobile payment solutions such as Google Pay are simple, fast and secure," says Enrico Salvadori, Head of Consumer Business at Swisscard, "Digital payment has become even more important during the coronavirus crisis because PIN entry at the payment terminal is not required." Card transactions are authorized hygienically and securely directly on the user’s own device.

Google Pay can be set up quickly: When the Google Pay app is launched, credit card information is added to Google Pay. And then you’re ready to go.

Swisscard customers can use their cards to make convenient and secure purchases worldwide, regardless of whether they use their card at the payment terminal (with PIN entry or contactless) or digitally.