Swisscard Mastercard® Business Euro

With the Mastercard Business Euro there are no currency conversion charges or handling fee for transactions in euros. With the Mastercard Business Euro you also benefit from the Mastercard spending bonus, which reduces or cancels the annual fee from a certain turnover upwards. You also enjoy even more attractive insurance benefits. As an extra, you have the option of personalizing your corporate card with your company logo and/or your own card design.


Get your new Swisscard Mastercard Business Euro in just a few steps:

To open a corporate account, a basic account application is required as a basis, under which the individual cards are later managed.

As a new client, please submit a completed basic account application and at least one card application.

Sign them both with a legally valid signature.

Click here for the application for your personal corporate credit card.

Please download the form for the card application.

Complete the card application for every new required card in full and sign it with a legally valid signature.

Due to regulatory requirements, please attach a certified copy of the identification documents or simply use video identification.

Identification is required to open the basic account and also to issue cards if the monthly spending limit is > CHF/EUR 20,000.

Online card application

Would you like to fill out your card application online? The online card application includes the basic account application and the card application.


Advantages of the Swisscard Mastercard Business Euro

  • Worldwide card acceptance
  • Card spending bonus
  • No annual fee in the first year (in the following year: CHF 150 )
  • No handling fee for transactions in euros
  • You save time and money thanks to a simplified expenses management.
  • The right currency to hand anytime and anywhere
  • Cost control and transparency
  • Transport Accident Insurance
  • Luggage Insurance

Request personal consultation.

Request personal consultation.