Swisscard AECS GmbH is one of the Swiss credit card companies with the highest revenue. Swisscard customers use cards from the worldwide leading American Express, Mastercard and Visa brands on a daily basis. Thanks to different product ranges, Swisscard allows for cards to be combined to suit personal requirements and purposes. Swisscard is the market leader in Switzerland for both premium card products and cards with partners, for example, co-branding with SWISS, Credit Suisse and Coop.

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Swisscard knows its customers and merchants’ needs

Swisscard is the only card issuer to combine integrated solutions for customers and merchants under one roof. It runs the product development, sales and marketing, customer service and card processing in Switzerland. As a merchant acquirer, Swisscard is also responsible for expanding and handling the American Express network of acceptance points in Switzerland.

Swisscard’s range of credit cards is divided into the private customer and business customer segments. There are several product lines in both segments that specifically meet the clientele’s requirements.

Swisscard is a member of the Swiss Payment Association (SPA) industry organization. This advocates a secure, fast and convenient credit card payment system and represents retail and customer requirements equally.


Subsidiary of two strong partners

Swisscard AECS was established as a joint venture between Credit Suisse and American Express in 1998. It combines American Express’ worldwide leading expertise in credit card management with the strengths of Credit Suisse’s strong national sales channels. In the initial years, Swisscard issued credit cards "in the name and on behalf of Credit Suisse", Swisscard assumed overall responsibility for this from 2015.

Swisscard has its headquarters in Horgen near Zurich and currently employs roughly 700 staff. It manages more than 1.5 million cards today.