Swisscard revitalizes Zurich neighborhood with American Express campaign

Swisscard wants to use the American Express "Shop Small" campaign to promote local businesses and celebrate neighborhood life. The global credit card company’s campaign is being carried out for the first time in Switzerland. More than 40 small businesses in Zurich’s trendy "TRIBEKA" neighborhood in districts 3 and 4 and their customers, who are holders of an American Express Card issued by Swisscard, will benefit.

Written by Medienstelle Swisscard 25.10.2019

"Shop Small" campaign: an ode to local diversity


The campaign is intended to raise awareness for local businesses and draw attention to the different neighborhoods’ special features. Over 40 local neighborhood businesses from the hotel, wellness, shopping and catering sectors in the Zurich "TRIBEKA" ("TRIangel BEim Kanzleiareal") neighborhood in districts 3 and 4 are taking part. Holders of an American Express Card from Swisscard AECS GmbH will receive ten Swiss francs credited to their credit card account at the end of the campaign when they make purchases of 20 Swiss francs or more using their credit card at participating shops. The campaign runs from October 26 to November 9, 2019.


"Shop Small" campaign: a success since 2010

The "Shop Small" campaign was launched in 2010 as part of the "Small Business Saturday" in the USA to support small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Similar campaigns celebrated their first successes in Australia, Great Britain and Japan in the following years. American Express is supporting neighborhood businesses in Zurich for the first time in 2019. 

Payment experience redefined 

"American Express Cards can be used to make payments at many small and large sales outlets in Switzerland," says Alex Friedli, Head of Business-to-Business at the credit card company Swisscard AECS GmbH. "We are actively addressing the needs of our cardholders and merchants and developing our products and services based on this knowledge. Resulting in unique experiences such as the ꞌShop Smallꞌ campaign. We are promoting the development of the local economy by opening the door for smaller neighborhood shops to gain affluent customers and by them shopping locally. And if it’s successful, we all benefit."