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Do you have questions about a card’s benefits or does your customer have a special request? Would your bank also like to become a partner?


Private Banking Services

Do you have questions about one of our card’s benefits or does your customer have a request? Just give us a call. Our service team will advise you during office hours – from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Email: pb.swisscard@swisscard.ch
Tel.: +41 44 659 6100
Fax number: +41 44 659 6656 

To identify you as an authorized employee at the bank we proceed as follows:

1. With the security code, we confirm whether the employee is entitled to receive information. Information is only shared with employees who know your bank’s security code.

2. Once the bank employee has been identified, it is checked whether a power of attorney exists for the bank in relation to the card in question and whether Swisscard can provide the requested information. If not, orders will only be accepted on a limited basis.

Contact: Customer Service

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day for urgent matters:

For the SWISS Miles & More World Mastercard CHF/EUR/USD products:

Tel. +41 44 659 6900 German
Tel. +41 44 659 6901 French
Tel. +41 44 659 6902 Italian
Tel. +41 44 659 6903 English

American Express® Cards

Tel. +41 44 659 6333 American Express Card D/E/F/I
Tel. +41 44 659 6355 American Express Gold Card D/E/F/I

Tel. +41 44 659 6372 Platinum Card® D/E
Tel. +41 44 659 6373 Platinum Card® F/I

Tel. +41 44 659 6370 Centurion® Card D/E
Tel. +41 44 659 6371 Centurion® Card F/I


Would your bank also like to become a partner so it can get professional, simple and direct advice on all credit card related customer concerns?

Simply contact us at pb.swisscard@swisscard.ch.

Providing bank employees with information

Enhanced data protection for our shared customers is a top priority for us. Which is why we have created a "Private Banking Services" department that is responsible solely for you. With your bank’s security code and the power of attorney, you can obtain information and place orders directly.

Data protection and confidentiality

The Private Banking Service is only offered to employees who know your bank's security code. The regulation concerning access to the security code is the responsibility of your bank. The code can of course be changed if confidentiality can no longer be ensured within your bank (e.g. due to staff turnover).

Due to banking secrecy and other confidentiality obligations, the explicit consent of the credit cardholder must be obtained for private banks to be able to represent their clients in dealings with Swisscard and have access to the information necessary to manage the cards. The existence of a bank guarantee or a postal address at the bank is not sufficient for this purpose. For this reason, we have integrated the release of the confidentiality obligations towards the bank into the credit card applications designed especially for private banking clients in relation to Swisscard.