Swisscard Login

Swisscard Login gives you access to Swisscard’s Digital Services. Access to the Swisscard app or the Membership Rewards shop is possible thanks to the login.

What is Swisscard Login?

You can log in to various digital services for Swisscard cards using your email address and a single password. You only need to create a Swisscard Login once to use Swisscard’s Digital Services.

These Digital Services use Swisscard Login:

Swisscard app

Thanks to the free Swisscard app for Android and iOS, you have all the information about your credit card and card payments to hand everywhere and in real time. The 3-D Secure service is integrated in the app and allows online payments to be checked and approved.

Web Services

With Swisscard’s Web Services, you can access various services directly through a web browser, anytime and anywhere in the world. All you need to use this service is your smartphone with the Swisscard app and a Swisscard Login.

Membership Rewards shop

You can find numerous offers that you can redeem your collected points for in the Membership Rewards bonus program rewards shop.

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