Power of attorney

Without power of attorney, only you can request information about your credit card or card account from us or make decisions relevant to your card(s) or account. Even if, for example, your spouse or partner is an additional cardholder. You can change this with power of attorney.

Why power of attorney makes sense

Without power of attorney, we only give information about your card and card account to you as the principal cardholder. If you want the additional cardholder to have the same rights as you, you have to give them authorization. With this power of attorney, the authorized representative can request information or make decisions relevant to the card(s) and account for you.

  1. Fill in the power of attorney form, print, date and sign it.
  2. Photocopy the front and back of the cardholder’s passport or identity card.
  3. Send the original power of attorney with copies of the identification document to Swisscard.

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