The electronic bill (e-bill) replaces the paper bill. You will find your monthly credit card statement in your e-banking where you can check it first and then make payments with a few mouse clicks.

How does e-bill work?

Source: "E-Bill" powered by SIX & PostFinance

Register for e-bill

Registering for and setting up e-bill only takes a few minutes. Once we have activated e-bill for you, you will save a lot of time with every e-bill.


Register in your bank's e-banking system to receive bills electronically.


Activate the companies that are allowed to send you e-bills under "Billers".


Receive, check and pay e-bills with a few mouse clicks in e-banking.

Deactivate e-bill

If you wish to pay your monthly bill by direct debit (not available to PostFinance customers) or by online bill instead of e-bill, register in e-banking and delete Swisscard AECS GmbH as a biller. As soon as you have deactivated e-bill, you will receive your bills in paper format or electronically in cardservice.


With a few clicks, you can check each bill and then release it for payment.
Each e-bill is securely protected by a digital signature.
Bills are displayed directly in your e-banking system.