Blocking credit cards

You can have your Swisscard credit card or prepaid card blocked 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event of misuse or loss.

Blocking Swisscard credit cards or prepaid cards

Telephone numbers for Swisscard credit cards or prepaid cards are available 365 days a year / 24 hours a day:

Credit cards with the installment facility

such as Visa, Mastercard, Bonviva, SWISS Miles & More credit cards, Blue from American Express, American Express® Credit Card Gold and Cashback credit cards:

Tel. +41 44 659 6900 German
Tel. +41 44 659 6901 French
Tel. +41 44 659 6902 Italian
Tel. +41 44 659 6903 English

American Express® Cards

Tel. +41 44 659 6333 American Express Card D/E/F/I
Tel. +41 44 659 6355 American Express Gold Card D/E/F/I

Tel. +41 44 659 6372 Platinum Card® D/E
Tel. +41 44 659 6373 Platinum Card® F/I

Tel. +41 44 659 6370 Centurion® Card D/E
Tel. +41 44 659 6371 Centurion® Card F/I

Tel. +41 44 659 6488 American Express Corporate Card D/E/F/I


Block the card immediately in the event of misuse or loss. If you have complied with the obligations to cooperate and exercise due diligence, you are not liable and do not have any excess to pay in the event of loss of your credit card. Not even for any withdrawals made with your stolen card by anyone else.

Replacement card, emergency cash

If your card gets lost, we will provide you with simple assistance: We make sure that you receive emergency cash and that you are sent a replacement card by courier anywhere in the world – generally within 48 hours. Please contact our customer service team immediately.