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Last modified: January 2021

Please read the following statements. By accessing this website and its pages (the “Website") as well as the products, services, information, tools, and documentation (the “Content") contained or described therein, you declare that you have understood and acknowledge these legal notices and the privacy policy (collectively “Terms and Conditions of Use") in the version current at any given time.

The Terms and Conditions of Use can be amended at any time. Any amendment will be published and becomes effective upon publication. You will find a reference to the last update date at the beginning of this document.

User access and the use of this Website and its Content as well as the Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to substantive Swiss law. The courts of Horgen (Switzerland) shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue, subject to mandatory provisions with different content.

Legal Notices

1. No Offer

This Website and its Content do not represent any offer or any invitation to acquire a means of cashless payment (e.g. charge card and/or credit card), to take out a loan or acquire any other financial services product, to enter into a contract dealer contract (merchant contract), or any other legal and/or other transaction, and only serve informational purposes. Products and/or services featured on the Website are only addressed to persons established or domiciled and with their habitual abode in Switzerland. The fact that you access this Website or Content does not make you a contracting party with Swisscard AECS GmbH (“We" or "Us").

2. No Assurance

Although We make an effort to ensure the correctness of the information on this Website and of the Content when publishing it, neither We nor our contracting parties can provide you or other persons an express or implied assurance, guarantee, or warranty regarding the currency, correctness, accuracy, dependability, or completeness of the information or its suitability for a particular purpose.

We provide no express or implied assurance, guarantee, or warranty that the functions on this Website will not be interrupted or are error-free, that errors will be corrected, or that the Website or the infrastructure necessary for you is free of viruses or other harmful software (malware). Furthermore, We cannot ensure that information on this Website will not be falsified by technical faults or access by unauthorized third parties. Please contact Us if you have any questions about the acquisition or use of your means of cashless payment and/or other products or services offered or brokered by Us. Insofar as our partners introduce themselves or their offers on our site, We assume no responsibility for these representations, also not with regard to correctness, completeness, or the legality of these representations.

All information on the Website and in the Content may be modified or removed at any time and without notice. We are not obligated to remove information that is no longer current from the Website or from the Content or to label it as such.

3. Liability exclusion

We exclude any and all liability for damages and losses of all kinds, effective for Us and for our managing directors, employees, agents, and other vicarious agents, that arises from the use of or access to the Website and its Content or from links to third-party websites (or arising from the impossibility or failure to access or to use), regardless of the legal basis of any liability, subject to the reservation of intentional or grossly negligent damage caused by Us. We exclude liability for actions by our vicarious agents.

Specific links on this Website lead to third-party websites. Such links are only made available for information purposes. We have not reviewed the websites linked to this Website and are not responsible for their content. The use of such links occurs at your own risk. We recommend that you read the legal notices and privacy policy of the individual website and review how those websites protect your own personal data and – if accessing from a company – personal data of that company.

4. Security Measures

We hereby notify you of the danger emanating from viruses or other harmful software (malware) or from hacking, phishing or other comparable attacks. We recommend that you use antivirus software, a spam filter, and other software to protect your system (e.g., a firewall) and to keep them up-to-date. We reject any and all liability for manipulations of your IT system by unauthorized parties in connection with accessing our Website.

Phishing: fraudsters use "phishing" in order to obtain personal data. Should you receive a request by telephone, email, fax or SMS to provide any card data (e.g. the card number, expiry date) or any other confidential information, this may constitute a phishing attempt. Such requests often look deceptively authentic. Do not answer them, do not click any links contained in them, and do not open any attachments to such requests. If you have any doubt as to the authenticity of such a request, please call us.

5. Intellectual property rights

Swisscard and other brand names and logos on this Website (e.g., Credit Suisse, American Express, Mastercard, and VISA) are registered brands. Unless otherwise specified, the Website and all Content are protected by copyright. We reserve all rights (particularly copyrights and trademark rights) to the Website and to all Content and will exercise all legal opportunities to enforce these rights as necessary. The user receives no rights of any kind whatsoever to the use of images or other content or to brands or logos. Downloading, saving, copying, and printing individual pages and Content are only permitted for personal use. Such action does not transfer any rights to you. If Content is reproduced in whole or in excerpts in electronic or written form, expressly naming Us as the source is required. In addition, our express written consent must be obtained for any reproduction, further publication, or sale of Content.