Efficient, transparent solutions for integrating and analyzing card billing data. Optimize expenditure management and business decisions. Our tailored services simplify data processes, optimize financial operations, and enhance control over corporate expenses.


Benefits for Data-Services

  • Efficiency enhancement
  • Cost control
  • Transparent analyses

American Express® @ Work Reconciliation

The @ Work Reconciliation Tool simplifies the approval of transactions and their integration into finance and HR systems. It optimizes reporting and improves the clarity of business expenses, reduces administrative effort, and enhances the efficiency of financial processes. An indispensable tool for modernizing accounting.

Your Added Value

  • Automatic reconciliation of accounting codes
  • Customizing approvals to workflow processes
  • Specifying data extracts for your ERP

American Express® Billing Support Files

BSF enables the customization and secure transmission of billing data, even outside of billing cycles, via Secure File Distribution or Transfer. This integration into accounting systems supports efficient, paperless management, allows detailed analyses and cost controls, and customizes export files individually.

SDG2 – Mastercard® File Transfer

For efficient handling of your Mastercard transactions, we present Mastercard Smart Data Generation 2 (SDG2). This solution optimizes the electronic processing of credit card data through seamless integration into your expense management or accounting system, with flexible data delivery – daily, weekly, or monthly. Ideal for companies that operate globally and require consistent data processing across borders.

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Request a consultation appointment for Data-Services