Contactless payment by credit card is more convenient than cash payments. All you need to do is place your contactless card on the terminal. For payments up to CHF 40, you don’t even have to enter a PIN code or sign a receipt. This is what makes contactless payment easy, convenient and secure.

The benefits of the contactless function

Contactless payment is perfect for small amounts of up to CHF 40 such as your daily grocery shopping or a coffee and a croissant at the train station. Look out for the contactless logo at the payment terminal. All Swisscard credit and debit cards and an increasing number of businesses are enabled for contactless payment.

The key benefits for you at a glance:

How to use contactless payment

Contactless Step 1

Watch out for the contactless symbol.

Contactless Step 2

Hold your credit card against the contactless symbol.

Contactless Step 3

Your payment will be confirmed on the display within a few seconds – finished!*

* With amounts from CHF 40 and in individual cases you are asked for your PIN code or signature. Please see the instructions on the display.

The technology behind the contactless function

More and more cards are equipped with an NFC chip. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and refers to a radio technology for exchanging data between two devices across a distance of a few inches. NFC is used for contactless payment, for example, but also for controlling devices and vehicles and for access control. Mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay also use NFC. Due to the short distance between the devices (8 inches max.), the wireless data exchange via NFC cannot be intercepted. Furthermore, neither personal data nor the card security code (CVV or CVC) are transmitted – only the card number, the expiry date and a single-use cryptogram.

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