Swisscard is now also offering the mobile SwatchPAY! payment solution

Swisscard, the leading Swiss issuer of the brand cards American Express, Mastercard and Visa, is now also offering SwatchPAY!, just launched in Switzerland. SwatchPAY! allows for fast and secure payment using a watch. With this Swisscard is expanding the services it offers with another modern, mobile payment solution.

Horgen, January 17, 2019 – As the leading Swiss card issuer, Swisscard wants to offer its customers access to convenient, innovative and secure payment technologies. Which is why the products and services it offers is being deliberately expanded by mobile payment solutions in line with technical developments. Fast and convenient payment meets a growing customer demand. The Swiss watchmaker Swatch’s SwatchPAY! has these qualities. Swisscard already provided the mobile Apple Pay and Samsung Pay payment options for selected card products before this.

The fastest way to pay contactless

SwatchPAY! allows you to pay anywhere contactless payments are possible using a stylish Swatch watch: simple, fast, secure and worldwide. All you have to do is hold the SwatchPAY! watch up to the NFC-compatible card terminal and the payment is triggered (as with contactless payment by card usually without entering a PIN with amounts up to CHF 40). It is a very convenient, simple and fast way to pay contactless and it literally works with a flick of the wrist. SwatchPAY! has the same high security and data protection standards as a contactless credit card.

For Florence Schnydrig Moser, CEO at Swisscard, the latest extension to its range is another milestone: "Swisscard is literally moving with the times with SwatchPAY! Cash is a thing of the past, nowadays you simply and quickly pay contactless. Customers can find market-leading, mobile payment solutions at Swisscard. As a result, we are ensuring with our comprehensive package of products and services that we will be among the leading Swiss payment service providers in future too."

Attractive offers with Credit Suisse Viva Young and Viva Student right from the start

SwatchPAY! is compatible with selected Mastercard products. Young people and students who use a Credit Suisse Viva Young or Viva Student banking package and have a Swisscard Viva Mastercard receive the SwatchPAY! watch exclusively and free (the purchase price of CHF 85 is reimbursed the first time they use the Viva Mastercard with SwatchPAY!1). Kathrin Wehrli, Head of Products & Services at Credit Suisse, says: "We are delighted that we can offer our customers another secure and fast solution for contactless payments and expand our range for younger, digital-savvy generations as a result." The new SwatchPAY! watch is available from selected Swiss Swatch retail outlets.

SwatchPAY! is also compatible with the new Cashback World Mastercard, the first Swiss free credit card with cashback function2. You automatically receive 0.5% monthly credit on any entitled spending (then 0.25% from January 1, 2020).

You can find more information about SwatchPAY! at:

Swisscard SwatchPAY!

Credit-Suisse SwatchPAY!


1 Just one credit to the amount of CHF 85 available once per Viva Mastercard cardholder for a SwatchPAY! watch. This offer applies until it is withdrawn by Swisscard AECS GmbH. In the event of changes to the SwatchPAY! watch purchase price, the credit amount of CHF 85 will not be adjusted.

2 The free Cashback credit card replaces the Coop SUPERCARDplus credit card in the Swisscard product portfolio from November 1, 2018.

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