Swisscard Login

Swisscard Login makes registering extremely easy for all customers.

What is Swisscard Login?

You can log in directly for various Swisscard card product (e.g. American Express® Credit Card Gold) online services using your email address and just one single password. All you have to do is register once to use this service in future.

Which services run using Swisscard Login?

Currently, you have access to the following services with Swisscard Login:

  • Swisscard app:
    The Swisscard app offers you an overview of your credit card spending, current balance and details about your credit cards in a convenient way. You can also monitor and manage your purchases better using the spending assistant. And all of this directly from home or when out and about on your smartphone.
    Download the free Swisscard app now:
    iOS Android
  • Membership Rewards shop:
    Collect points and enjoy the reward you want. You can find numerous offers that you can redeem your collected points for in the Membership Rewards bonus program rewards shop.

How can I register for Swisscard Login?

You are good to go with Swisscard Login in just a few steps: All you need besides your personal details are your card account number (you can find this 11-digit number on your monthly statement or in cardservice).

You have to enter a registration code once for some services that is sent to you by post as soon as you have registered online. We recommend that you enter this code online as soon as you have received it to complete the registration process.

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