Are you moving or do you have a new e-mail address or mobile phone number? You can change your customer data online or by mail.

Up-to-date contact details are important for your security

You should notify us of any changes immediately. On the one hand, up-to-date contact details are critical for card security, for example when we want to verify the legitimacy of a card payment. On the other hand, we require data such as your cell phone number for online payments using 3-D Secure.

Changing your address online

The easiest and quickest way to change your address, telephone number or e-mail address is using the “cardservice” section under “Service Center”.

Changing your address by mail

You can also send us your new contact details by mail. To do so, please download and send us the completed form. Franking template

Giving another person power of attorney

Would you like to authorize us to give your spouse or another person information about your credit card or your card account? With a power of attorney, you authorize a person you trust to request information or make decisions related to your card or account on your behalf.

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