The Internet supports us every day both professionally and privately and offers us many advantages and benefits. You are particularly well equipped with your credit card: Payment transactions are simple and secure. Nevertheless, dangers lurk online, such as hacker attacks, data theft or bullying. Protect yourself and your loved ones with the comprehensive Cyber Security Insurance.

The advantages of Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber Security Insurance

Family cover

just CHF 7.50 / month

Insurance benefits*:

Data recovery (saving or restoring data)
Costs for the removal of malware and data recoveryCHF 5,000
Online account protection
Pecuniary loss due to theft of personal access dataCHF 20,000
Legal protection CHF 20,000
Infringement of personality rights on the Internet
Arrangement/assumption of costs for IT specialists for removal/deletion of content detrimental to a person CHF 20,000
Arrangement/assumption of costs for psychological supportCHF 3,000
Legal protection CHF 20,000
Online buyer protection
Pecuniary loss incurred as a result of non-delivery, wrong delivery or delivery of damaged goods purchased online CHF 20,000

Insurance benefits*

  • Who is covered?

    • The cardholder and everyone living together with them in the same household in a private capacity.

  • Data recovery (saving or restoring data)

    • Your smartphone or notebook falls to the floor and you can no longer access your photos and documents. Or your hard drive is infected with a virus and important data is lost. Photos, documents, work papers – we help you recover or restore valuable data and meet the costs for this.

  • Online account protection

    • Internet crime comes in many guises. It really hits your pockets when someone gets online access to your post office or bank account through phishing and steals your money. In such cases we are responsible for ensuring you get what you are entitled to and your loss being reimbursed.

  • Infringement of personality rights on the Internet

    • Your social media account is hacked, private photos are suddenly made public. This is followed by hateful comments to the point of being ostracized: what a nightmare! We help you assert your personality rights with legal assistance and provide IT specialists to remove the unwanted content. If necessary, you will also receive psychological support. You are even reimbursed the costs for moving house up to the sum insured.

  • Online buyer protection

    • Quite a bit can go wrong when shopping online even without any malicious intent. The wrong items are delivered, they’re delivered damaged or don’t arrive at all. You can count on our support: We make sure that your costs are reimbursed.

* Please refer to the registration form and the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance for the full details regarding the individual insured risks and benefits.

Documents for the Cyber Security Insurance