Forgotten / change credit card PIN

You can order a new PIN code for your Swisscard credit card directly in the Swisscard app if you have forgotten your current code.

Request PIN

In the Swisscard app

Order a new PIN code under "Service" in the Swisscard app. You will then receive this by post.

Requesting by post

Order your PIN code using the form. Please complete the form and return it signed to us by post using the postage template. You will then receive your PIN code by post.

Changing a PIN code at an ATM

You can change your PIN code around the clock at any Credit Suisse ATM in Switzerland. However, it is not possible to change your PIN at PostFinance ATMs.

Security note: Select a secure PIN code

  • A six-digit code is more difficult to crack than a five-digit or four-digit code.
  • Choose a PIN code that you can easily remember.
  • However, do not choose a PIN code that is easy to guess (like a birthday or a car license plate number).
  • Change the PIN code in Switzerland.
  • Do not repeat numbers more than once.

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