Change credit card PIN

If you have ordered a credit card or forgotten your current PIN code, you will receive a new personal identification number (PIN). For security reasons, you should change this PIN code immediately.

Changing your PIN code at a bancomat

You can change your PIN code any time, day or night, at any Credit-Suisse bancomat in Switzerland. It is not, however, possible to change your PIN at PostFinance bancomats.

Selecting a secure PIN code

  • A six-digit code is more difficult to crack than a four- or five-digit code.
  • Select a PIN code that you can easily remember.
  • Do not, however, select a PIN code that is easy to guess (such as a birthday or car license number).
  • Change your PIN code in Switzerland.

Making safe use of your PIN code

  • Do not write down your PIN code anywhere – especially not on the credit card.
  • If you do write your PIN code down, it is essential that you keep the PIN code and the credit card separate from one another.
  • Never disclose your PIN code to anyone – even if the person concerned claims to work for our customer service department. We would never ask you for your PIN code.
  • Make sure that nobody is watching you when your enter your PIN code.

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