Keep your contact information up to date. So we can reach you if, for example, we notice any suspicious transactions, among other things. Up-to-date contact information is crucial for your credit card security. Which is why you should notify us of any changes immediately.

Changing customer details online

Change your customer details easily and securely online in cardservice.

Changing customer details in writing

Download the form and send it to us filled in. If you use the postage template, we pay for the postage.

Setting up Swisscard Login

With Swisscard Login, you log into the Swisscard app, Membership Rewards shop and other online services using your email address and personal password. You only have to set up Swisscard Login once to be able to use it for all the online services in future.

Set up Swisscard Login

Electronic communication authorization

Do you want to send us an SMS or email? If you have not (yet) set up your Swisscard Login or use cardservice, you have to authorize us to contact you electronically. Send us the completed and signed "Authorization for electronic communication" form for this.

Download form

Security with customer details

It is important that your details are up to date: On the one hand, up-to-date contact information is crucial for card security, for example, if we want to make sure that a card payment is legal. On the other hand, we need your cell phone number, for example, for online payments with 3-D Secure.

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