A secure feeling all the time with cardservice and a summary of your daily purchases.

Your credit card makes paying particularly easy and you benefit from numerous advantages straight away. Now there is another added benefit:

cardservice offers you even more convenience and greater transparency with online access to your card account. You can view your statements, transactions and available balance at all times. You can now also update your customer data easily. And all of this around the clock and anywhere in the world.

A summary of your daily purchases

  • Access to your card account: anytime and anywhere
  • Summary of all purchases
  • View your available balance at all times

A secure feeling all the time

  • Monthly statement at the click of a mouse
  • Statements for the last 6 months available at any time
  • Simple, comprehensive management of your finances

Customer center round the clock

  • Conveniently place your orders with our customer service in cardservice
  • Use all the services to do with your credit card, e.g. change of address or PIN request

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The great addition for when you are on the move: the new swisscard app.

The free Swisscard app offers the following advantages:

  • Modern easy-to-use design
  • Summary of transactions for current and previous statement periods and your credit limit
  • You always have the current and available balance to hand
  • Balance notification for control of your spending

Download it now:

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Frequently asked questions about cardservice

Read answers to frequently asked questions or find out information about how you can easily use the many benefits of cardservice:

  • What are the benefits of cardservice for me?

    • cardservice offers you:

      Up-to-date information about your credit card account at all times

      • access to credit card account
      • summary of all purchases
      • view your available balance at all times

      A secure feeling all the time

      • monthly statement at the click of a mouse
      • statements for the last 6 months available at any time
      • You can print out the statements, view them as a PDF document or export them into an Excel file
      • simple and comprehensive management of your finances

      Round the clock service: everything online!

      • Conveniently and easily place your orders with our customer service
      • Use all the services, e.g. change of address, request of a new PIN, questions about your credit card
  • How do I set up my account - registration, login, registering other cards?

    • One-off registration by the principal cardholder

      Only principal cardholders can use the benefits of cardservice. You can find information about the registration process here.  If you have a card duo, you only have to register using one of the two cards.

      cardservice login

      To log in you need your username, password and cell phone. After entering your username and password an mTAN SMS is sent to you. Enter the five-digit code in the SMS into cardservice to conclude the login process. You can find information about your username and password under "my cardservice user profile".

      Registering other accounts (credit cards)

      You can add other accounts at any time in the left-hand column under “Register other accounts”. cardservice is available for all Swisscard AECS GmbH credit cards.
      If you have a card duo, you only have to register using one of the two cards.

  • My cardservice user profile

    • Information about the username

      You can only set the username once for security reasons. If you have forgotten your username, please contact our customer service. You can find the corresponding phone number on the back of your credit card or on your statement.

      Information about the password

      How to set your password: When you create your password, you must observe the following rules:

      • 8 characters minimum
      • 20 characters maximum
      • at least one capital and one small letter
      • at least one number
      • the following special characters are allowed _!@%?’,;/()[ ] ??$?^+-.:

      How to change your password: You can change your password at any time under “User profile”.

      If you have forgotten your password: Click on “Forgotten password?” on the “cardservice login” page.

      Account name

      The account name is an individual pseudonym (nickname) for your card account and must be different to your username. The account name is only used to communicate with you. You can change the account name at any time under “User profile”.

  • Service Center - managing my account myself

    • Completing orders to Swisscard online

      You can complete the following orders directly online in the “Service Center”:

      • changing contact details (address, phone numbers, e-mail address)
      • ordering a copy of your monthly statement
      • ordering payment slips
      • ordering a new PIN
      • ordering a replacement card

      Order statuses

      You are kept constantly informed about your order statuses by e-mail. You can find details about ongoing and completed orders in the Order Summary in the Service Center.

      Individual issues

      You can send us messages or questions about your individual issues using this contact form.
      IMPORTANT: In the event of urgent issues, in particular blocking your card, please always contact our customer service by phone.

  • Transactions and my online statement

    • Transactions

      You can see the transactions made with the principal card and the additional cards for the last six months in cardservice.

      Current transactions

      Current transactions are shown once they have been booked by us. This may take place one or two days after the payment was made.

      Your statements

      You can view all statements from the last six months online or download them as a PDF. On request, we inform you by e-mail as soon as a new statement is ready for you online. If you are not taking advantage of this service yet, click on “Settings for online statements” on the left in cardservice to activate it. You also have the choice here of choosing to cancel your paper statements.

      It’s this easy to switch from paper statements to online statements:

      Available balance

      The amount available shows you how much is currently (real time) still available for you to spend within your spending limit.

      This is calculated taking the following into account

      • Posted transactions (= current balance)
      • Any spending on cards that has been approved but not posted yet
  • Security

    • Information regarding account security

      Login details

      Access to cardservice is protected by your personal login details (see cardservice user profile).  Keep your login details (username and password) a secret and do not divulge them to anyone else under any circumstances.

      Logging out of cardservice

      Log out of cardservice after every session by clicking on “Logout” top right on every page. Afterwards, delete your browser’s cache memory (the cache saves copies of recently visited websites).

      Information by e-mail

      cardservice informs you by e-mail. You can find information about the safe handling of e-mails here

  • Technical issues

    • Login – mTAN

      An mTAN SMS with a 5-digit code is sent to you to log in to cardservice therefore make sure your cell phone is switched on when logging in to cardservice. For security reasons, the mTAN issued is only valid for ten minutes and expires after this. In this case, click on “New mTAN” on the login page and you will immediately receive a new mTAN.

      Service Center – my order has not been completed

      Have you placed an order but not received a confirmation e-mail? In this case please check your spam folder and/or the status of your enquiry in the “Order Summary”.