Benefits of a Credit Card

For Cardholders:

  • Cash-free payments and cash withdrawals worldwide
  • No need to obtain foreign currency or change it back
  • Interest gains due to billing delay
  • Use of credit facility through payment by installment (not charge cards)
  • Monitor/manage your spending through monthly statements
  • Guaranteed reservations and special terms available depending on product (rental car, hotels, etc.)
  • Insurance cover and travel assistance (not no-frills cards)
  • Limited or no personal liability in the event of theft or misuse, provided due care has been taken.
  • Replacement in event of loss, usually within 48 hours
  • Special benefits through bonus programs
  • 24/7 customer service support and emergency cash available

For Merchants:

  • Guaranteed payment
  • An end to the effort and interest costs involved in collecting payments
  • Less cash in the till = lower overheads + reduced security risks
  • Greater customer satisfaction thanks to the convenience and security of paying by card
  • Access to additional customer segments
  • Greater volume of spontaneous and additional sales
  • Secure, convenient solution for distance selling (mail order, internet)
  • Participation in regional or international campaigns and marketing programsParticipation in regional or international campaigns and marketing programs