The most secure method of payment – even online

Credit cards are the most secure method of payment. In the event of fraud, Swisscard cardholders are not liable if they have not abused their obligation to exercise due diligence by gross negligence. Your card is replaced in the event of loss or theft, by contrast, you do not get your cash back. The most important due diligence standard: The cardholder must check their statement every month and report any incorrect charges within 30 days of the statement date.

The following basically applies: Anyone who observes the standard obligation to exercise due diligence, is not taking a greater risk using their credit card online than anywhere else.

Security and data protection have become increasingly important over the last few years for Swisscard AECS GmbH and other card issuers. Cases of misuse are growing in numbers at the same pace as the number of credit cards is increasing. Skimming (forging credit cards) and phishing (the attempt to gain a cardholder’s credit card details through a fake Internet address) in particular have developed into a major problem over the last few years.

Tips for handling credit cards securely:

  • Treat credit cards as carefully as cash.
  • Never leave your card out of your sight for longer periods of time, if possible.
  • In the event of losing your card, immediately have all cards blocked before going to the police. The Swisscard customer service will help you round the clock.
  • Never carry your PIN code on you in written form, leave it lying around or pass it on to a third person.
  • Do not choose a PIN code that relates to your personal data.
  • Thoroughly check your monthly statements, immediately report any discrepancies and keep receipts.
  • When you receive a new card, immediately sign it and cut the expired card up into pieces (cut through the magnetic strip and chip).