Questions and answers

What is Swisscard Masterpass™?
Swisscard Masterpass is a "digital wallet" that makes paying for online purchases by credit card easier, securer and faster. Your credit card details and delivery addresses are stored conveniently in a secure centralized place. You can pay for your purchases at any time and anywhere from a smartphone, tablet or computer. For this, you register using your phone number, a password and the Transakt app and make your purchase with just a few clicks. Free to register and use.

How does online shopping work with Swisscard Masterpass?
Once you have selected all your chosen items and placed them in the shopping basket, click "Pay with Masterpass" during the payment process. After choosing your country, a list of several Masterpass wallets appears where you can select your Swisscard Masterpass wallet. If you haven’t registered for the Swisscard Masterpass wallet yet, you can do so in the next step.

You are then forwarded directly to Swisscard for the log-in. Once you have registered successfully, you can select the credit card and delivery address you want from your list. If you would like to use a delivery address that is not in your Swisscard Masterpass wallet yet, you can add this now.

Is Swisscard Masterpass secure?
The basis of Swisscard Masterpass is the credit card payment; therefore the high security measures that exist for credit cards apply. The security is enhanced further by the Transakt app.

Where can I shop faster and more securely online using the Swisscard Masterpass wallet?
You can pay conveniently using the Swisscard Masterpass at all online shops where you see the "Pay with Masterpass" logo. You can find a current list of the online merchants on this website: Masterpass online merchants

What should I do if my card has been rejected by a merchant?
If the transaction has been rejected, please contact our customer service.

Why can’t I select my preferred credit card?
You can only select credit cards supported by the merchant. If the merchant does not support one of your credit cards, it is grayed out in the credit card selection.

Why can’t I select my preferred delivery address?
Each merchant decides individually on the regulations regarding which addresses it is possible to deliver to (e.g. parcel offices, post boxes). If a merchant cannot deliver to one of the addresses stored in your list, the selection box is deactivated for this delivery address. In this case, please choose a different delivery address. If this is not possible, please contact the online shop directly.

What do I need to be able to use Swisscard Masterpass?
To use Swisscard Masterpass you need:

  • a mobile phone logged with Swisscard;
  • registration with the Transakt app.

Who can I get in touch with if I have questions about the wallet?
If your question has not been answered by this list of FAQs, please contact the service hotline.

  • +41 44 659 64 92

To block your cards or in the event of payment problems, please still contact the 24/7 Swisscard emergency hotline.