Terms and Conditions for Globus Platinum benefit

Terms and Conditions for Globus Platinum Credit and Registration as a Globus Pluscard Platinum Member (“Terms of Participation”)

1. Object and relationship with other terms and conditions

This document describes who is eligible for a Globus Platinum Credit and Globus Pluscard Platinum membership, and subject to which conditions.

The Terms of Participation apply supplementally to the other terms and conditions applicable between Swisscard and the Cardholder, particularly the General Terms & Conditions of Swisscard  (“GTCs”) and the further product and service terms and conditions applicable for the respective card. The Terms of Participation will take precedence in the event of contradictions.

2. Globus Platinum credit

2.1 Content, prerequisites and exclusions

Principal cardholders (“Entitled Cardholders”) of the following cards of Swisscard AECS GmbH (“Swisscard”) shall be eligible:

  • American Express Platinum charge card
  • American Express Platinum credit card in the CSX bundle

(“Eligible Card(s)”)

Swisscard shall credit an amount of CHF 100.00 once each year (“Globus Platinum Credit”) to the Swisscard card account of the Entitled Cardholder (“Beneficiary Account”) following a purchase from Magazine zum Globus AG (The Globe Stores Ltd) (“Globus”) worth at least CHF 300.00. This shall occur subject to the following prerequisites and exclusions:

The principal cardholder has signed up for Globus Platinum Credit (see No. 2.2) and has not given notice to terminate his/her Beneficiary Account.

The purchase

  • is made using an Eligible Card.
  • is made at a shop or other retail outlet of Globus in Switzerland. Purchases made in Globus restaurants (except those operated by Globus) shall not be eligible for the Credit.
  • amounts to at least CHF 300.00.  is paid for in full in one single card transaction using an Eligible Card. Entitlement to the Globus Platinum Credit cannot be established by cumulating multiple transactions (e.g. two purchases of CHF 200.00 that are not settled in a single card transaction).

Only one purchase that fulfils these terms can trigger the Credit (“Triggering Transaction”).

  • Entitlement to a Globus Platinum Credit shall arise once each calendar year for each Beneficiary Account, provided that all of the prerequisites set forth in these Terms and Conditions have been met.
  • Each Eligible Card issued for the Beneficiary Account – thus also including additional cards –  can trigger the Globus Platinum Credit on the Beneficiary Account.
  • Swisscard shall apply the amount of the Credit exclusively to the Beneficiary Account. No cash payment or any other form of compensation shall be made.
  • If no Triggering Transaction is concluded during any given calendar year, there shall accordingly be no entitlement to a Globus Platinum Credit for the respective calendar year.
  • The offer applies for a fixed term to Triggering Transactions concluded until 31 December 2024. The relevant date shall be the date of the transaction.

Swisscard may not apply the Globus Platinum Credit, or may recover it if it has already been applied, in particular under the following circumstances:

  • invoices relating to the Beneficiary Account have not been settled on time;
  • the Triggering Transaction is reversed (e.g. in the event that the transaction is disputed);
  • a holder of an Eligible Card violates the GTCs or other product and service terms and conditions of Swisscard

2.2 Registration

The Entitled Cardholder must declare through the website www.americanexpress.ch/globus or in any other manner prescribed by Swisscard that he/she wishes to receive the Globus Platinum Credit and must enter the information requested. Holders of additional cards cannot register.

3. Globus Pluscard Platinum membership

In registering for a Globus Platinum Credit, Entitled Cardholders will also obtain one free Pluscard Platinum membership of Globus. This entitles Swisscard to transmit the necessary personal data (e.g. gender, name, address, telephone number, email address and date of birth) to Globus. Only the holder of the principal card shall be registered. Holders of additional cards shall not obtain a Pluscard Platinum membership and their data shall not be transmitted to Globus. Globus will generally activate the Pluscard Platinum membership within four weeks of registration.

Pluscard Platinum membership is an offer provided by Globus. It is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Globus, including in particular the “Terms of Participation Pluscard” and the “Privacy Policy” In applying for a Globus Platinum Credit, the Entitled Cardholder shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. Swisscard declines all liability for the offer provided by Globus. Any questions and concerns that the Entitled principal Cardholder may have concerning Pluscard Platinum membership should be referred exclusively to Globus.

4. Cancellation of registration

Entitled Cardholders may cancel their registration for Globus Platinum Credit at any time on www.americanexpress.ch/globus. Swisscard shall give notice of this to Globus, following which Globus shall be responsible for terminating membership of Globus Pluscard Platinum. The same shall also apply in the event that the Beneficiary Account is closed owing to the cancellation of an Eligible Card.

Entitled Cardholders may cancel their Globus Pluscard Platinum membership at any time directly with Globus, following which Globus shall be entitled to inform Swisscard accordingly. This shall result in the withdrawal of the Globus Platinum Credit.

5. Data processing

Swisscard shall process the data of the Eligible Cardholder as described in these Terms of Participation in accordance with the GTCs and the Privacy Policy. Globus shall process any data obtained from Swisscard in accordance with the rules specified by Globus.

6. Changes

Swisscard may amend these Terms of Participation at any time. It shall give suitable notice to the principal cardholders registered at the relevant time. The currently applicable Terms of Participation may be consulted at www.swisscard.ch/conditions and the Privacy Policy at www.swisscard.ch/dataprotection, or may be requested from Swisscard.

7. Governing law and place of jurisdiction

The applicable law and place of jurisdiction shall be determined according to the provisions of the GTCs.

Version 09/2022