Fringe Benefits

Pension fund
Swisscard employees belong to a modern staff pension plan. The premiums are distributed favorably for employees.

We offer our staff good insurance coverage for occupational and non-occupational accidents, as well as sick pay and pay all the premiums.

Health insurance
Thanks to our collaboration with a health insurance scheme, our employees can benefit from lower premiums for supplementary insurance coverage, depending on the latest insurance agreement.

Credit Suisse Group AG
Swisscard offers an attractive range of preferential conditions for employees: free or discounted Bonviva Banking Packages, a waiver or reduction in fees, preferential conditions for car hire, mortgages and special conditions at AXA Winterthur. 

Swisscard Reward 
With this program staff have a platform to recognize and reward each other. Above-average achievements, additional effort, going that “extra mile” etc. can be rewarded with an award.

Staff canteen
The modern staff canteen offers a range of healthy and tasty menus that are good value for money.

Health and fitness opportunities
Swisscard cares about the health of its employees. At our company we provide a fitness studio including fitness courses and massages. We also make a financial contribution to membership at selected external fitness studios.

Swisscard employees receive a discount on the regular ZVV and Z-Bonus travel passes from the Zurich public transport companies and its partners, and can also buy REKA checks with a discount of 33%.

We are committed to helping our employees find the best childcare solutions.

Working hours and vacations
Swisscard has a 41 hour week and its employees are entitled to five to six weeks’ paid vacation per year. We support part-time work and unpaid vacations, permitting circumstances within the company.

Paid maternity leave
Depending on the number of service years, Swisscard female employees can take fully paid maternity leave of three or four months.