Foreign currencies exchange rates Disclaimer

Swisscard AECS GmbH credit card customers are informed about the exchange rates for foreign currencies applied by Swisscard AECS GmbH (issuer) on this website. The rates published apply exclusively to the issuer’s credit cards, where the card number does not start with 3758. The rates published apply to the day on which the transaction is processed by the issuer. The processing day may differ from the day on which the customer carried out the transaction. Transactions cannot be processed on certain days of the week and public holidays. Further more, for technical reasons, in the case of certain transactions with Mastercard, the foreign currency exchange rate from the day before the processing date or the authorization date is used instead of the exchange rate on the day of processing. The rates published may be rounded and may therefore differ slightly from the actual rates applied. If the rate applied on the credit card statement contradicts the rate published on the website, the one on the credit card statement shall take precedence. The published rates merely represent the rate applied on the day of publication and therefore do not make any statements, either implicitly or explicitly, about the future development of foreign currency rates.