When traveling, situations arise where you would like to use a credit card and do without cash, or a credit card is required as security for a booking. In addition to the advantage of always having the appropriate currency, the amounts are not debited directly from your bank account. You will receive a bill, which you can check in detail for accuracy. Many credit cards also include useful travel insurance.

Your credit card as a booking aid

Your credit card as a booking aid

In many stores, restaurants, hotels or for car rentals, reservations or bookings must be confirmed by providing a credit card. In such cases, credit cards are also used as security. That's why you should always have a credit card in your hand luggage in order to enjoy a large amount of freedom, incomparable adventures and exclusive privileges.

The right currency available at any time

A credit card is your perfect bureau de change. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, we recommend making payments abroad in the respective local currency. It is often not clear how and at what rate currencies are converted. The currency conversion on your credit card is much more transparent. You can see the statement, original amount, conversion amount and the exchange rate used. Purchases in foreign currencies are converted on the day on which the transaction is processed electronically by the issuer. The processing date may be different from the date of purchase. For technical reasons, the foreign currency rate from the day before the processing date is used for individual transactions paid with a MasterCard.

The right currency available at any time

Credit card payments abroad

In foreign countries, payment by credit card is often required for security reasons in order to avoid large amounts of cash. At the same time, it is safer for travelers to carry little cash with them. Your credit card not only solves the currency problem, but also makes the payment process simple and convenient. In the event of discrepancies, you also have the option of contesting charges after you have been billed without assuming liability – provided you comply with the general obligation of exercising due diligence.

Hotline 24 hours a day

Hotline for lost cards while traveling

If your credit card is lost while traveling, the Swisscard hotline is available 24 hours a day. The card is immediately blocked and Swisscard assumes liability for any misuse. In contrast to cash, you do not bear any risk while exercising due diligence.

Emergency card

Emergency cash, emergency card, replacement card

Swisscard provides straightforward assistance to its customers in the event of losing a credit card. You will generally receive emergency money or an emergency card within 48 hours.

Insurance cover with your credit card

Many Swisscard credit cards offer insurance cover as standard. Further useful services and insurance are available for this purpose. These can easily be charged to your credit card. Protect yourself and your family with travel or cancellation insurance.

All about complementary insurance

Complementary insurance


Travel information:
Find out about the destination country (FDFA travel advice).
Always keep alert at ATMs.
Emergency numbers:
Write down the emergency numbers of the card issuers in your documents.
Second card:
Take a second card with you.
Card limit:
Check your card limit (increase or prepayment) before you travel.
Do not leave your credit card lying around (e.g. car, beach, suitcase or hotel).