Our ambition is to create outstanding and positive experiences for our customers when they come into contact with Swisscard. We focus on our customers and their needs and offer uncompromisingly high-quality products and services that provide added value not only for our customers but also for our employees.

Our customer service employees are the foundation of our excellent customer service. They are proactive and focused on the goal. Customer concerns are dealt with efficiently and straightforwardly. By using innovative solutions that quickly identify these concerns, we offer our customers excellent customer service and support a culture that focuses on the customer experience. At the same time, we provide our employees with a professional infrastructure. Thanks to modern working models, they enjoy flexibility and freedom as we are convinced that only well-trained and happy employees provide excellent service for our customers.

The strong positive feedback we receive from our customers on a regular basis proves that we do not just pay lip service to all of this but actually practice what we preach. For example, one customer describes our service as follows: «Expertise, friendliness, fast processing, clear handling.» Another feedback is: «Reliable, professional and friendly for 15 years – I’ll probably remain with you as a customer for my whole life!»

Our efforts are also noticed and valued on the market. Swisscard Customer Service has received various awards in recent months.

Award-winning in all respects

Swisscard Customer Service is not only «outstanding», «excellent», «superb» and «first-rate» – all synonyms of «award-winning» –, it has also been distinguished with several awards. We are very proud of this recognition of our services.

Swisscard won the prestigious «Golden Headset Award 2018» in the «Innovation» category for its new voice recognition solution (Voice-to-Text) for German and Swiss German. At the «International Customer Experience Awards 2018», Swisscard Customer Service was awarded second place in the «Customer-Centric Culture» category for implementing its «communication, proactivity and passion» mission statement. Dario Tibolla, Head of Consumer Service at Swisscard, was also awarded the «CAt Award» as Swiss Contact Center Manager of the Year 2019.

Management Circle AG

Golden Headset

One step ahead

The new Voice-to-Text solution is a milestone for Swisscard, with which we are taking a major step towards digitizing and automating our customer service processes. Our customers have the opportunity to describe their request simply and naturally in Swiss German (all common dialects) or High German. The speech recognition solution captures the request in real time, interprets the spoken text semantically and transcribes it in High German. The call is assigned to the best qualified employee on the basis of specific AI logic (artificial intelligence). They receive a pop-up notice with the text spoken by the customer first and therefore know what the issue is before they talk to the customer.

This innovative solution provides our customers with an excellent experience. The calls are conducted purposefully, usually reducing the length of the call. In future, this solution should even enable us to handle simple customer requests, such as card blocking, fully automatically.