Advantages for Swisscard staff

There are many good reasons to work at Swisscard. There are several other reasons to opt for Swisscard as an employer besides the collegiate environment and beautiful location in Horgen. See for yourself.



Good old age provision with a modern personal pension solution advantageously structured for the employee.


Excellent insurance coverage for occupational and non-occupational accidents, as well as sick pay.

Credit Suisse

An attractive selection of reductions: free or discounted Bonviva packages, a waiver or reduction in fees, preferential terms and conditions for car leasing, mortgages etc. and special conditions at AXA Winterthur.

Swisscard Reward

Commitment to the company pays off. With this program staff have a platform to recognize and reward each other. Above-average achievements, additional effort, going that extra mile etc. can be rewarded with an award.

Staff canteen

The modern staff canteen with a varied range of healthy and tasty menus that are good value for money welcomes you every day. All our staff receive a reduction off the whole range.

Health and fitness opportunities

Swisscard actively takes care of its staff’s health and vitality. There is a fitness center at company headquarters where fitness courses and massages are also offered.


Staff receive a discount on the regular ZVV NetWork and Z-BonusPass travel passes from the Zurich public transport companies and their partners, and can also buy Reka-Checks with a discount of 33%.


Swisscard assists its staff in finding the best childcare solution.

Working hours and vacations

Staff work in a modern and flexible annual working hours model. If additional working hours are required in between, they can be compensated for later on. Swisscard also grants five to six weeks’ paid vacation per year. We support modern practices such as home office, part-time work and unpaid vacations, where permitted by the circumstances within the company.

Paid maternity and paternity leave

Depending on the number of service years, you can take fully paid maternity leave of 13 or 18 weeks. Fathers who work for Swisscard receive five days leave after the birth of their child.

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