«Our products are the number one choice in our customers’ wallets and we produce sustainable value added for our business partners»

Our core values

Company values

Our employees are as diverse as the jobs and tasks at Swisscard. What unites us are our mutual values that dominate the way we think and act in our day-to-day working lives.

Quality and first-class service

At Swisscard, the customer takes center stage. Our customers expect first-class quality from our products and services. Our employees accept their personal responsibility to meet these expectations and continuously improve our products and processes. We support them in these endeavors by creating a suitable working environment and encouraging our employees to focus on quality and innovation.

Teamwork and mutual respect

Teamwork is a top priority at Swisscard, as we can only reach our corporate objectives if we work together with the other members of our team as well as staff in other divisions. In a bid to exploit our expertise to the utmost, projects and problems are handled by teams made up of members with different roles. This at the same time promotes motivation and cohesion. Respect is one of the cornerstones of our daily working lives. We recognize our colleagues’ achievements and respect their opinions.

Integrity and responsibility

We expect honesty and openness from our employees. Swisscard’s credibility as a leading financial services provider depends, among other things, on the attitude and integrity of every single member of staff. We put the interests of our company before the interests of individual departments, and exploit our resources in a responsible manner.